Orca artwork by Guy Capoeman

Guy Capoeman, of the Quinault Indian Nation, welcomes canoes onto the beach at Point Grenville. © Erika Nortemann

Guy Capoeman is a tribal artist, and an enrolled Quinault Indian Nation tribal member.

He started doing acrylics on canvas art pieces and eventually moved into carving when the Quinault Nation commissioned him to make the “May-EE: canoe, which was the first canoe the tribe took on the tribal journeys.

Guy attended the Art Institute of Portland, and continues to have his art shown in various galleries. Guy is also co-owner of Capoeman Arts, along with his brother Jeff Capoeman and son Cecil Capoeman. Capoeman Arts is a family-run artistry business that specializes in Native American/Coast Salish-style arts.

For more information on his work, please see his contact information below.