Director of Ecology talks toxic cleanup, water quality

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  1. David Lewis says:

    Great speech. Micah McCarty chair of the Makah will be one of your biggest supporters, Anne Lundt, as you know, was his mother. Toxic clean up has been advance by the trained divers of the Nisqually people some 100’s now trained and have done remediation work all over Puget Sound. Another resource is Phil Lane Jr of Four World’s International a Baha’i who has build the largest digital networks and works with young here and in BC. He was featured in “Shift of the Ages” video representing the union of the Eagel and the Condor the truth about the Mayan Prophecies. Phil’s network is digital connection of all indigenous people through his center in Panama and his work with ASEAN in Asia. Hanford is a real threat and you know the history of evasion by the Feds. You will be real welcomed by tribal people everywhere for you’re a strong voice from saving Mother Earth. Coal shipments will be a no win for our environment for it will double the coal to China from 100 million metric tons to over 200 million metric tons to be burned and sent our way as Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Lead etc to our coast line and interior. Poison and toxins will kill us if this is allowed to progress. Good luck you will be great and greatness will be needed. Great Great Speech. David Lewis Stop the coal poisons before it is too late.